Speechelo – Text To Speech with Human Voices

We use the product for all kinds of things. For example, a local salon owner and friend asked me to make a voicemail greeting for when the salon was closed. In the past, I had to go on Fiverr and hire a voice actor, pay for the service, submit a script, and wait several days for the order to be filled. With Speechelo I could have the same thing in minutes and I could pick whatever voice I wanted. It paid for itself very quickly with holiday greetings, hold greetings, etc.

It’s hard to tell that the voice is generated and not real. There are some words for which the inflection is slightly off, but you can adjust that and tweak the pronunciation to match what you expect.

It’s good for creating video narration, sales training, educational videos, introductions, etc.

The best part is that none of the voices sound robotic, not like in the old days. In addition, there are voices and accents from around the world to meet your needs. Some do come with extra costs depending on what works for you.

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